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    2. Plastic Mould Manufacturer

      TAIZHOU SANLIAN MOULD & INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is located in Huangyan District, Taizhou city of China. Which is a manufacturer & supplier of a wide range of plastic moulds, including Home appliance Moulds, Commodity Moulds, Electronic Appliance Moulds, Motor Accessory Moulds and Industrial Process Parts Moulds, etc..

      We have a complete mould making facilities furnished with latest modeling software, UG, CAD/CAM, PROE, capabilities and advanced equipments to assure high quality products are supplied. The ultimate goal of a mold is to produce an acceptable quality product at the lowest possible cost. Our mission is to satisfy customers’ expectations through quality design, reasonable price, accurate scheduling, On-time delivery and excellent service of our end product.

      We try everything we can to provide our clients with the professional design and service that take lead in the trend of market, and rely on it to form a long-term and stable relationship with them.

      Commodity Mould: Plastic chair mould; Plastic basin mould; Garbage Bin Mould; Bucket mould;
      Basket mould; Crate mould
      Home Appliance Mould: Food Container Mould
      Electronic appliance mould: Air conditioner mould; TV mould; Washing machine mould, Refrigerator mould

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      Copyright 2012 Taizhou Sanlian Mould CO., LTD. (c) All Rights Reserved.
      Add: 46# Kangqiang Road, Huangyan Economic Development Zone,Taizhou, China.
      Tel: +86-576-84813333 Fax: +86-576-84805688 Mobile: 13616766666 Email:sales@www.06kiqgqv.cn
      Power by:imould
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